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poops - dharmakol

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July 28th, 2008

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11:30 am - poops
So far the kitties have been amazing, except for a few litter box mishaps. They are so happy to be living outside of a cage! And they are snuggle bunnies for sure. We are actually trying to potty train them. Sounds silly I know, but a lot of people have had success! We'll see how it goes.

I continue to live at the library, and have discovered that they rent out cds, well duh, I should have known that. But they have a world music section that I raided and I can upload it to my itunes and keep it forever. Yay for Krishna Das.

I spent all weekend applying for jobs, such as at Borders, Petco, the animal shelter, Pier 1, blah blah blah, I better get something soon. I guess having a degree doesn't mean anything, even to work at a stupid McDonalds. I'm still applying for photography jobs, which is really what I'd like to do. It would be so fun to get paid for taking pictures.

I've been obsessed with these new smoothies I've been making- one banana, a few handfuls of blueberries, some apple pieces, a scoop of protein, some soy milk, ice, and flax seeds. They are amazing. But until I have a job I need to lay off them, cause fruit gets expensive. I also need to stop eating hummus. I can knock out a whole container in a day if I wanted. I could buy buckets of the stuff and roll around in it. Yummmm. Bad Nicole. We've discovered Trader Joes, which I've known about for a while, but have never tried shopping there because I assumed it was expensive like Earth Fare and such. Not so! It is so ridiculously cheap. Things we pay $5 and $6 for at Harris Teeter are $3 at Trader Joes. The only thing is, it's got a limited selection of stuff. So I guess we'll shop at both places from now on.

Ok I'm off to go clean the poopy litter box and do dishes! Yayyy.

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