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finger cuts - dharmakol

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August 18th, 2008

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01:49 pm - finger cuts
Sooo I work at Borders. I shelve books. Among other things. But mostly, I alphabetize and shelve and organize books. Sometimes, I pull books off the shelves that I put there the day before in order for the store to send them back to their big warehouse in the sky. In the children's department. It's not bad, easy, and sometimes even fun to organize book displays, it keeps my OCD mind busy. And I get to look at cute kids all day. I'm going to start reading to them for "story hour" every Tuesday morning, that should be fune. But, my feet hurt, ouch, and I come home every day with cuts on my fingers. Whatever, at least I have a job. I'll still be looking around for a real job, but I'm satisfied for now. Plus, I get a 33% discount (sweet!) AND I get to use the whole damn store like a library, and check anything out for three weeks. No more worries about all the magazine subscriptions I want! I can read them all there for free. It's pretty exciting.

This weekend Henry suprised me with tickets to THE LION KING! We saw it at the Kennedy Center, super fancy. It was increeeedible. I guess it's the same cast that does Broadway. Everything was amazing, from the acting to the music, and especially the costumes. It was so much fun. It was sooo good. I guess I should probably shut up about it, cause you had to be there to witness the amazing-ness.

What else is going on.. I guess that's about it. The cats are lovely. I think I'll go cuddle them right now.
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