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October 21st, 2008

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05:00 pm - Slacking
on the updating, I know. Not much to say. I work all the time...Henry's on a business trip to Texas for a week, so it's just me and the cats. Can't wait for friends and Sound Tribe in a few weeks! And, I quit smoking (again) on election day. A friend at work and I are doing it. God forbid if Obama loses...then it might be a few more weeks. He's cool, he's my direct boss... and a gay guy. A friend with a masters degree in photography! I made him invite me to hang out so I have a new gay friend! Yay! And he wants me to meet a few friends of his, which I'm looking foward to. I've also hung out with another coworker, Matt, who works in the music department. He has huge hair and an awesome empty house cause his mom lives in Italy.. he plays the drums in a band and smokes up with me. He took us to a Greek festival a few weeks ago, where I got to watch little girls dance, among other things. Everyone else at work is cool too- the social interaction is nice, though I've gotten used to the cigarette breaks that need to stop. I'm running the Borders kids Halloween party this Saturday, and I have no plans for it as of yet, though I get a shit load of questions about it every day, and people are expecting fun times. They just kind of throw this stuff my way without giving me any guidelines or help, which sucks, but it's cool cause I'll get to play with a bunch of kids for a few hours and get paid for it. I really like my job. I'm good at it, it pays the bills, occupies my mind, and lets me talk to people that aren't Henry or my cats. I should get a better paying job, one that I'm more qualified for perhaps, but I like where I am. I've been thinking of applying for grad school for the fall term. Colorado is whispering to me that I need to be there. We'll see what happens.. I finally have health insurance, which is so amazing I can't even say. No more hundreds of dollars a month for presriptions. And I can go to the damn foot doctor, and all kinds of other doctors I've been needing to go to. Wooo! Ok, That's all I got.
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Date:November 3rd, 2008 05:40 am (UTC)
yay on the quiting smoking!!!! keep it up.

and can i just say T-minus 13 days and counting till we STS9 it up!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited and can't wait to see you!

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