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Accidental Show - dharmakol

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August 29th, 2008

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04:04 pm - Accidental Show
Soooo by pure luck, I am getting to show some of my photographs at Borders. The only reason being that I work there, and at a shift meeting the other day one of the bosses told us all to tell our artist friends that they are looking to fill a ridiculous amount of wall space. I of course jumped at the opportunity, and will spend this weekend selecting/printing/matting/framing some 20 odd photographs. What a great opportunity, all because I happened to get hired at Borders. I will put prices on them, cheap ones probably, and hang my card (after I make one) underneath them, and who knows, maybe someone will want to buy one or want me to do some commissioned work. But if not, I still get to see my photographs on wall in a public space! How exciting. I don't know which to choose- all my old work is at my parent's house, all the stuff from film. But I'm not lacking in digital photos. So far I've picked out a few from New Zealand, a few macro shots, and a few urban ones. No portraits, because most of those are from film. Most of my pictures from the last 6 months or so no one has seen but Henry, so maybe one of these days when I get my act together I'll put them online or something. Wooo hoooo this is exciting! The bad part is that though I probably won't sell any,I still have to pay to matte and frame them all. That's going to be a LOT of money. I think Henry's going to lend me the money, or rather his credit card. Hopefully eventually I'll sell them one way or the other.

I'm really starting to like my job, so much that when it's time for me to go I'm sad. Probably because there's nothing to do for the rest of the day, since I get off at 1. I wish I could work more hours, and I'll ask for them on Monday. But right now it's only about 30 a week. I haven't really made any friends, the people there are either strange or keep to themselves, but I sure as hell put myself out there. I try to start conversations all the time, and mostly I get one word responses. I will keep trying though! But I'm really enjoying being in charge of such a big part of the store- in charge not meaning in charge, exactly, but I decide what goes where and how everything looks. It's satisfying to have control over something, maybe. I'll stop psychoanalyzing it, but I enjoy it. Even though my back aches all the time and I have perma-papercuts.

Other than that, things are the same... trying to not drink so much, and failing... working my way through every Margaret Atwood book ever written, so far I'm on number 8, not counting poetry books. I love her writing more than words can say.

Our cats are fabulous, I fall in love with them more each day. Sigh... they are spoiled rotten.

Peace love and kitty kisses.
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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